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Impulse Resells Terms Of Purchase

Sharing or Selling

Sharing or selling your account is a direct violation of Impulse's Terms of Service. The Impulse team use tools to detect when an account has been shared or used by someone other than the original account owner. If an account is found to have been shared or sold, it will be terminated immediately without warning and the license key will be revoked.

Refunds and Chargebacks

We do not allow chargebacks or refunds after a purchase has been complete. Performing a chargeback request will result in the account and license key being revoked by the Impulse team without warning or notice.

Purchase Responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring that you are purchasing the correct package. If you are attempting to upgrade an existing Impulse account, you must verify which package is required prior to making a purchase. If you purchase the wrong package, we will not be able to assist in correcting it.

Purchase Details

When making a purchase, you must enter your details correctly. Your purchase may fail or not process correctly if you provide invalid information. Additionally, ensure you provde a valid email address that you have access to. Your license key will be sent to the email address you provide.


The Impulse mod menu is to be used solely for educational purposes. Although it has features for, and may function in online game modes, doing so is at your own risk.